Health Supplements – the Way to Wellness

organic-suppl-300x265Personally, the first question I had when choosing a primary physician was, ” how do you feel about, and what do you know about nutritional health and natural health supplementation? If they scoff or get that perplexed look, I know immediately I need to keep looking. I work with many individuals daily who have adopted the above philosophies, many of whom have completely turned their health around and now enjoy wellness as a way of life.
Health supplements and health and wellness in general are such a huge topic these days, I almost don’t know where to begin. Health is now one of the biggest topics on the internet, and the health and wellness industry is slotted to be the next trillion dollar industry according to analysts.

The good news is that we are now more aware of this fact than ever before in history. People are starting to figure out that carefully choosing the foods we consume, along with exercise and high quality natural health supplements are allowing us to regain our health. For more details visit:


Home Help: how to become a health care nurse

flash-imageThere are so many people who want to become home health care nurses? It will make it easier and more attractive to land a job in this field one day. Moreover, the nursing career is perhaps one of the highest-paid professions these days. An experienced nurse, like as, can earn more than 50,000$ annually.Difference between Standard Nurses and Home Health Care Nurses-

In truth, there’s not a severe difference between them, except that you can find nurses mainly in hospitals while home health care nurses can mainly be found in nursing homes, and in patient homes. Basically, these patients are elderly, who may need some support from professionals. It’s also one of the reasons too why a travel nurse also dedicate yourself in home health care. Instead of allowing the patient to suffer or be inconvenienced by exchange they offer their health care services at the comfort of their patient’s home.

Becoming a Home Health Care Nurse-

A nurse needs to have the following:

1. The appropriate degree. You can not at all be a home help nurse unless you have a proper educational environment, which includes a nursing degree too. All universities and colleges all over the world prefer some type nursing programs, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to look for for schools.Visit

2. Home care nurses need to be certified, before they can practice their work. Certifications can be different from state to state and country to country. A certified health care nurse will want to be sure to be licensed correctly to avoid lawful issues. Anybody who wishes to become a health care nurse should be attentive of the rules and requirements in the area they wish to apply in beforehand.

Home Help

Health Services Plan Can Save You Money

SubFeature-ServicesYou might have heard of a PHSP or Private Heath Services Plan (also called a Cost Plus plan or a Health and Welfare Trust), but how does it actually work? Can it really save you money? It sounds like a gimmick when you first hear the concept: pay for your medical expenses yourself and then pay an extra 10% premium to have the expense run through your company. Are you just paying and extra 10% over the cost of your medical expense for nothing? How does this tax savings actually put more money in your pocket?

This article will try and unpack the concept of a Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) from a tax savings perspective. There are two main things to consider here: a taxable expense and a tax deductible expense. Since controlling taxation in Alberta and Canada is a corner stone of income and wealth management, you have to understand how this can be implemented to add up to significant ongoing savings.

You must be incorporated!

In order for this to work you must own an incorporated company (it can be provincially or federally incorporated – it doesn’t matter). All employees of the corporation can then benefit from the PHSP. In essence, the PHSP allows the employee to incur an eligible medical expense and then get reimbursed by the corporation as a tax free benefit. The expense is then transferred to the corporation and can be claimed as a tax deduction from corporate profits.

This can result in significant savings, since your personal tax rate could be much higher than the corporate tax rate. Let’s look at an example of an incorporated consultant who has only two employees in the company (the consultant and his/her spouse). The marginal tax rate of the consultant is at the maximum of 39% (in Alberta).

Services Plan